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While on this road of blogging I have learned about the importance of re-using the items already in my closet, rather than thinking I have to buy something new every time old pieces get "boring".  What I'm learning as of late is that my outfits are only boring because I keep wearing them the same way, time and time again!  So I have decided to go on a shopping strike.  Yes, you read that right - a shopping strike!  I'm going to be putting myself on a budget, and finding ways to remix my wardrobe. 
It’s all about realizing that you don’t need to spend more to have more – ever look at your closet and say “I have nothing to wear, I have no clothes”.  Well in short you do – and it’s all about realizing that just because you wore that dress one way doesn’t mean it’s the only way you can!  Sometimes even pairing a different color belt, cardigan, or blazer with an outfit can make it feel completely new and refreshed.
So welcome to the Closet Remix! 
I'm going to do a series about closet staples, remixes, and trends. Throughout the series I'm planning on showing ways to wear the same boring dress or skirt time and time again, but with a different mix each time.
What's a Staple?
A staple is something that you use time and time again.  Even if you buy a newer version of it, it's an item that you come back to and reuse consistently.  These are items that you depend upon and often times can be paired in many different ways.  Staples are things that you need to have in your closet, depending on your personal style.
What's a Remix?
I'll use the term remix to refer to the new way that I'm going to style an item in my closet.  While I might wear a black blazer with a dress at one point, I'll remix that same dress with a colored cardigan to make the dress feel new and fresh.  This will help me from feeling like I have "nothing to wear", and instead will save me $$ and give me new ways of mixing it up!
What's a Trend?
A trend is something that is hot at the moment, but usually comes and goes.   So while you'll want to stock up your closet with certain items that are transitional pieces, I personally don't buy a lot of items within a trend as eventually you face the challenge of them either going out of style, or you losing interest.  A few pieces though here and there can really help to bring a new look to your wardrobe!
So here's a description of what the series will be about. Stay tuned for my first part of the series within the next week!  

If you'd like to  be featured in the Series, with your own closet remixing/repairing ideas, just email and I'll be sure to include you!


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