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Hubei Company Makes All-out Efforts to Prevent and Control the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2020-02-03   Font:【L M S

In the face of the spread of the coronavirus in Wuhan, Hubei Company under the group responded swiftly by adopting epidemic monitoring and prevention measures, making detailed arrangement on power and heating supply under the special circumstances, and pledging to offer active assistance to the local government’s campaign against the pneumonia epidemic.

In accordance with the epidemic prevention and control work deployed by the local government and the overall arrangement of the group company, Hubei Company quickly improved its communication and contact mechanism under special circumstances. It set up a leading group for epidemic prevention work, formulated prevention and control measures, launched an information briefing and daily reporting system, and established a point-to-point communication system with headquarters of the group, the local communities and epidemic prevention departments. With these efforts, it aims to form a joint prevention and control mechanism with communities and enterprises, gain information about the epidemic in a timely manner, and fulfill social responsibility as a centrally-administered state-owned enterprise.

Medical disinfection in centralized control room

Hubei Company and its subordinate units have actively implemented precise and targeted prevention and control measures. The company strengthens efforts in the epidemic prevention in its headquarters, factories and plants, and office space, and organizes disinfection teams to disinfect areas with large population flows such as factories, office buildings and dining halls. Unless necessary, the company would cancel all meetings and group activities. All its subordinate units have standardized personnel entry and exit management, launched temperature measurement and family member situation reporting mechanism, distributed face masks and hand sanitizers, and strengthened professional disinfection and regular ventilation, in a bid to enhance the capability of epidemic prevention and control.

All the subsidiaries of Hubei Company regard securing electricity and heating supply as the most important task at present. Each of the power generation units implements a strict, scientific mechanism for production safety management with leaders remaining on duty in shifts while analyzing possible risks from time to time, so as to ensure steady production during the Spring Festival and secure power supply during the epidemic period.

Hubei Company also attaches importance to logistics support during the epidemic period. All its subsidiaries have strengthened epidemic prevention measures in canteen and other logistics facilities, particularly in terms of canteen personnel hygiene protection, tableware disinfection, and cooking environment hygiene, so as to effectively ensure sanitary safety for employees.

Jingmen Power Generation Company, a subsidiary of Wuhan Company, does a good job in staff canteen hygiene supervision

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