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China’s Farthest Offshore Wind Power Project Built by China Energy Officially Put into Operation

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2019-12-23   Font:【L M S

Recently, all 75 wind turbines at Dongtai Four (H2) 300MW offshore wind farm built by Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd. under China Energy were connected to the grid, marking that the most distant offshore wind power project with the most difficult construction challenges in China was officially completed and put into operation.

Located in the northern offshore Tiaozini sea area of Dongtai, Jiangsu Province, a crow-fly distance of about 42 kilometers from the shore, the Dongtai Four (H2) 300MW wind farm is the farthest offshore wind power project that has been constructed in China. It boasts 75 wind turbines covering a sea area of 48.1 square kilometers, equivalent to 674 standard soccer pitches.

The wind farm is the most difficult offshore wind power project in China, and constructors successfully overcame the challenges of far offshore distance, complex water conditions and frequent typhoons. The No. 16 wind turbine was the first in the world to be hoisted integrally with a single pile foundation, a technology that filled the gap in the field of offshore wind turbine hoisting worldwide.

The Dongtai offshore wind power project is expected to generate 810 million kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to 20 percent of the annual electricity consumption of the nearest city of Dongtai, which can save 268,500 tons of standard coal each year. It will contribute to addressing global climate change, restructuring energy mix and building a beautiful China.

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