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Liu Guoyue Visits Lesotho and South Africa

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2019-12-23   Font:【L M S

On December 12, China Energy CEO Liu Guoyue arrived in Lesotho for a visit. On December 14, on behalf of the group company, Liu spoke at a symposium on Chinese enterprises in Africa in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. His speech was focused on China Energy’s operations in South Africa, as well as measures and suggestions for addressing the existing challenges. After the meeting, Liu traveled to South Africa to inspect the De Aar wind power project and the South Africa Company of China Longyuan Power Group.

At Longyuan’s South Africa Company, Liu Guoyue listened to work reports on Longyuan Power’s international business, the construction and operation of the De Aar wind power project, and the operation and maintenance of the South Africa project by the United Power. He fully affirmed the construction progress and operation of the De Aar wind power project, and made requirements on the next phase of work: First, undertake the mission and responsibility of the internationalization and transformation of the group company towards clean production. Second, summarize and spread the construction experience of the De Aar project to promote future development with a high level of project management. Third, attach importance to operational maintenance, so as to forge a model project featuring safe and stable operation and play a lead role among Chinese companies in South Africa. Fourth, formulate follow-up development plans and constantly expand the scope of business. Fifth, build a high-caliber overseas professional team that has a strong sense of mission and responsibility and profound business insight. Sixth, continue to operate in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, expand cultural exchanges and people-to-people cooperation with local communities and play an exemplary role in performing social responsibilities overseas.

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