Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wear Your Stripes

I've found that I wear a lot of stripes lately, which was never in my nature before.  Interesting, but I'm going to wear those stripes loud and proud! It was pretty cool here so I figured I'd opt with something light and breezy but comfortable.  It's a simple, casual outfit for a day out but those tend to be my favorite!!

 (Shirt is supposed to slouch off shoulder but I didn't wear the right undershirt for it)

(I apparently have a thing for putting my hand in my hair when snapping pics)

And just for fun....yeah, I'm a dork who poses in trees.

 Shirt: Old Navy DSW
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger, Marshalls Alloy | Necklace/Ring: Gifts
Watch: Target Buy Here

I think I'm getting a little too into this posing thing ;-)

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