Friday, June 1, 2012


The neon/bright color of this shirt made four different people (Count em, four) scream "look it's a walking warning sign!"  "watch out for that gal!" when I walked by.  Please tell me, what about me screams warning?  Yes my shirt is bright, but really?  If I wanted to look like yellow police tape I would tape myself up in "Police Line: Warning Do Not Cross" and call it a day! Geesh.

Warning Top: H/M | Pants: NY&Co
Leopard Flats: Target | Turq. Necklace: F21
Turq. Watch/Bangles: Thrifted | Ring: Kohls
Purse: Steve Madden

What are everyone's weekend plans? I have my college reunion this weekend (gah!) and I'm beyond excited.  Literally peeing myself with anticipation - it'll be SO great to have all of the girls back together again.  I'll try to take some outfit pics too ;-)  

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