Monday, June 4, 2012

Proud to Be a Dolphin

Happy Monday! This weekend was my undergrad college reunion; I have to say it was probably the best weekend I've had in years.  Hands down.  Friday night I got to see my girlfriends (who I haven't seen combined in over a year), we chatted/gossiped/danced, and of course boozed the night away.  It was fantastic.  I then got to sleep in one of the residence halls on campus which was awesome and made me feel like I was right back in college all over again! Here are pictures of Friday/outfit:

I know you can only kind of see the outfit but I'm wearing a black thrifted Express blazer with leather trim, a cross-knit tank top thrifted from Charlotte Russe, black necklace from H/M and skinnies/pumps.

These are my beautiful friends Danielle and Christina as well!

And if I thought Friday was fun, Saturday was even better.  I woke up with a massive headache (Can't imagine why) but spent the early part of the day relaxing in the room, pretending I was a college student again.  I took a shower in the community bathroom (really fun actually!), I sat in the windowsill and reminisced and then we went to the local dollar store and bought Hawaiian decorations to decorate the room with and to party with later that night!  I played volleyball on campus, sat out on the quad with old friends, drank more than I should have, and by the time it was night time I was rearin and ready to go! That's when my BFF and college roommate Laur (CB) showed up!  We all hugged it out, and then took this really fun car ride around campus with Mariah Carey on full volume, hawaiian cups in hand (I of course was not drinking and driving) and we went to random spots all over campus for pictures together and goofi-ness.  We hung out my sun roof, we honked and screamed as we drove past all the people on the quad....needless to say, I was proud to be a Dolphin this weekend (my college's mascot).  Here are some pics of us goofing around:

What a blast.  And then that night was the BIG party where we danced the night away and made friends with members of the class of 77! And of course, more good times ensued (including a crazy ride on a golf cart and almost getting in a fight. Not my fault I swear - some people just can't handle Simply Sarah ;-) )

Dress is recent from H/M, and super comfy!  Pumps are from DSW.

 Make time for your friends, and those people who make you feel GOOD about the YOU that YOU are!  I know I'll be doing more of that from now on <3

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