Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I've Decided . . .

...I'm a goofball.  My photographer was unable to snap away today so I was left to my own devices.  Let me tell you - this is hazardous for everyone's health, near and far.  I didn't want to settle for another crackberry mirror shot or some half-assed attempt behind an office door like the good ole days (all four months ago worth of them).  So I decided to stop off in this parking lot, balance my camera on the trunk of my car, and randomly pose by the building, in the parking lot, etc. etc. not thinking anyone was around for miles.  Boy was I good! I found an abandoned parking lot, I took photos all by myself outside, AND no one would ever know (including none of you).  


After running back and forth like a giddy half-wit I realized that while the one parking lot I was in might be empty - the one on the other side of the building, was of course, not.  And better yet - the building is a church.  Snap, smile, snap snap snap - only to turn around and see a group of people standing in the doorway of the church (And some in the window) staring at me inquisitively with looks of dumbfoundedness (yes it's a word now) on their faces.  Needless to say I had no idea what to do so I quick did a wave, picked up the camera and started yelling "it's for a project for school" as I scurry back to get in my car and drive away.  In the rear-view mirror I can see them chuckling amongst themselves - oh the life of a blogger.

And so goes the case of the blogger who thought she was smarter than she really was.  I'll stick to photographing with the Mr., at least that way it looks like we're tourists or something and I'm not a crazy lunatic snapping and posing against the side of a church like some wannabe.

Either way I actually REALLY like the way the pics came out!

Navy Blazer: Marshalls Gap Option | 
White Capris: NY&Co.Guess Option
Sandals: BCBGeneration, Marshalls Lots of Options
Sunnies: NY&Co. | Bracelets: Pandora

I'm obsessed with every and anything nautical.  I thought the mix of colors between navy and beige, with stripes, was just enough to give this outfit a laid-back but chic look.

Oh and PS - did I mention I'm newly obsessed with Marshalls? So much for my shopping ban.
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