Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Confession: I'm Cheating

Top Outfit: Blazer, BRepublic | Dress, NY&Co. | Belt, F21 | Pumps, Zappos.com
Bottom: Blazer, Target (Thrifted) | Shirt Dress, Old Navy | Necklace, JCrew (Thrifted) | 
Flats, JLo (Kohls)

Yup, I'm cheating.  I don't have a new outfit for you today; I'm posting outfit leftovers that didn't make the cut in other weeks because, well, I've been a bad girl. I'm sorry I have been MIA since Friday but who can blame me - a fabulous weekend out on the boat, with the family, shopping for a new car, going out to dinner to celebrate my promotion....

Yup you read that right - I got promoted!!

Friday I officially accepted my new title and position and was happy to do so!  As such I have been slacking on the posts and I'm sorry; I promise to be back in full swing tomorrow.  Blogger friends, I'm curious though - do you ever have on super cute outfits and either just don't have the opportunity to take a picture, the time, or you forget altogether?  Saturday night's dinner-date outfit was a winner I'll tell ya - and I of course didn't capture any of it!  I guess that just means I'll have to wear it again soon... (and after the reviews the Mr. gave me on it, I definitely will be!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for the PINK LINK-UP CHALLENGE!  Hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!
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