Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I've Decided . . .

...I'm a goofball.  My photographer was unable to snap away today so I was left to my own devices.  Let me tell you - this is hazardous for everyone's health, near and far.  I didn't want to settle for another crackberry mirror shot or some half-assed attempt behind an office door like the good ole days (all four months ago worth of them).  So I decided to stop off in this parking lot, balance my camera on the trunk of my car, and randomly pose by the building, in the parking lot, etc. etc. not thinking anyone was around for miles.  Boy was I good! I found an abandoned parking lot, I took photos all by myself outside, AND no one would ever know (including none of you).  


After running back and forth like a giddy half-wit I realized that while the one parking lot I was in might be empty - the one on the other side of the building, was of course, not.  And better yet - the building is a church.  Snap, smile, snap snap snap - only to turn around and see a group of people standing in the doorway of the church (And some in the window) staring at me inquisitively with looks of dumbfoundedness (yes it's a word now) on their faces.  Needless to say I had no idea what to do so I quick did a wave, picked up the camera and started yelling "it's for a project for school" as I scurry back to get in my car and drive away.  In the rear-view mirror I can see them chuckling amongst themselves - oh the life of a blogger.

And so goes the case of the blogger who thought she was smarter than she really was.  I'll stick to photographing with the Mr., at least that way it looks like we're tourists or something and I'm not a crazy lunatic snapping and posing against the side of a church like some wannabe.

Either way I actually REALLY like the way the pics came out!

Navy Blazer: Marshalls Gap Option | 
White Capris: NY&Co.Guess Option
Sandals: BCBGeneration, Marshalls Lots of Options
Sunnies: NY&Co. | Bracelets: Pandora

I'm obsessed with every and anything nautical.  I thought the mix of colors between navy and beige, with stripes, was just enough to give this outfit a laid-back but chic look.

Oh and PS - did I mention I'm newly obsessed with Marshalls? So much for my shopping ban.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Orange You Glad...'re reading this post?

I have been out of work for the past two days so I thought I'd give you a photo I quick snapped while shopping in Marshalls on Sunday.  I have never been a Marshalls fan but holy guacamole - what a store! The prices, the bags, the shoes! I will definitely be making visits there more often!

Blazer: H/M | Tank: Marshalls | Skinnies: Kohls | Leopard Flats: Target

Sorry about the quality - my crackberry doesn't take the best pictures. I need an upgrade.

What store do YOU love shopping at?

Thanks for stopping by lovelies!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Proud to Be a Dolphin

Happy Monday! This weekend was my undergrad college reunion; I have to say it was probably the best weekend I've had in years.  Hands down.  Friday night I got to see my girlfriends (who I haven't seen combined in over a year), we chatted/gossiped/danced, and of course boozed the night away.  It was fantastic.  I then got to sleep in one of the residence halls on campus which was awesome and made me feel like I was right back in college all over again! Here are pictures of Friday/outfit:

I know you can only kind of see the outfit but I'm wearing a black thrifted Express blazer with leather trim, a cross-knit tank top thrifted from Charlotte Russe, black necklace from H/M and skinnies/pumps.

These are my beautiful friends Danielle and Christina as well!

And if I thought Friday was fun, Saturday was even better.  I woke up with a massive headache (Can't imagine why) but spent the early part of the day relaxing in the room, pretending I was a college student again.  I took a shower in the community bathroom (really fun actually!), I sat in the windowsill and reminisced and then we went to the local dollar store and bought Hawaiian decorations to decorate the room with and to party with later that night!  I played volleyball on campus, sat out on the quad with old friends, drank more than I should have, and by the time it was night time I was rearin and ready to go! That's when my BFF and college roommate Laur (CB) showed up!  We all hugged it out, and then took this really fun car ride around campus with Mariah Carey on full volume, hawaiian cups in hand (I of course was not drinking and driving) and we went to random spots all over campus for pictures together and goofi-ness.  We hung out my sun roof, we honked and screamed as we drove past all the people on the quad....needless to say, I was proud to be a Dolphin this weekend (my college's mascot).  Here are some pics of us goofing around:

What a blast.  And then that night was the BIG party where we danced the night away and made friends with members of the class of 77! And of course, more good times ensued (including a crazy ride on a golf cart and almost getting in a fight. Not my fault I swear - some people just can't handle Simply Sarah ;-) )

Dress is recent from H/M, and super comfy!  Pumps are from DSW.

 Make time for your friends, and those people who make you feel GOOD about the YOU that YOU are!  I know I'll be doing more of that from now on <3

Friday, June 1, 2012


The neon/bright color of this shirt made four different people (Count em, four) scream "look it's a walking warning sign!"  "watch out for that gal!" when I walked by.  Please tell me, what about me screams warning?  Yes my shirt is bright, but really?  If I wanted to look like yellow police tape I would tape myself up in "Police Line: Warning Do Not Cross" and call it a day! Geesh.

Warning Top: H/M | Pants: NY&Co
Leopard Flats: Target | Turq. Necklace: F21
Turq. Watch/Bangles: Thrifted | Ring: Kohls
Purse: Steve Madden

What are everyone's weekend plans? I have my college reunion this weekend (gah!) and I'm beyond excited.  Literally peeing myself with anticipation - it'll be SO great to have all of the girls back together again.  I'll try to take some outfit pics too ;-)  

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Closet Remixing Series

While on this road of blogging I have learned about the importance of re-using the items already in my closet, rather than thinking I have to buy something new every time old pieces get "boring".  What I'm learning as of late is that my outfits are only boring because I keep wearing them the same way, time and time again!  So I have decided to go on a shopping strike.  Yes, you read that right - a shopping strike!  I'm going to be putting myself on a budget, and finding ways to remix my wardrobe. 

It’s all about realizing that you don’t need to spend more to have more - ever look at your closet and say “I have nothing to wear, I have no clothes”.  Well in short you do - and it’s all about realizing that just because you wore that dress one way doesn’t mean it’s the only way you can!  Sometimes even pairing a different color belt, cardigan, or blazer with an outfit can make it feel completely new and refreshed.

So welcome to the Closet Remix! 
I'm going to do a series about closet staples, remixes, and trends. Throughout the series I'm planning on showing ways to wear the same boring dress or skirt time and time again, but with a different mix each time. 

What's a Staple?
A staple is something that you use time and time again.  Even if you buy a newer version of it, it's an item that you come back to and reuse consistently.  These are items that you depend upon and often times can be paired in many different ways.  Staples are things that you need to have in your closet, depending on your personal style.

What's a Remix?
I'll use the term remix to refer to the new way that I'm going to style an item in my closet.  While I might wear a black blazer with a dress at one point, I'll remix that same dress with a colored cardigan to make the dress feel new and fresh.  This will help me from feeling like I have "nothing to wear", and instead will save me $$ and give me new ways of mixing it up!

What's a Trend?
A trend is something that is hot at the moment, but usually comes and goes.   So while you'll want to stock up your closet with certain items that are transitional pieces, I personally don't buy a lot of items within a trend as eventually you face the challenge of them either going out of style, or you losing interest.  A few pieces though here and there can really help to bring a new look to your wardrobe!

So here's a description of what the series will be about. Stay tuned for my first part of the series within the next week! If you'd like to  be featured in the Series, with your own closet remixing/repairing ideas, just email and I'll be sure to include you!

And in the mean-time just wanted to update everyone: I edited my domain so I'm no longer; I'm - yay for having my own domain! As such though, if you go to the address my Google Friend Connect and other features no longer show up. Until I can figure out this glitch, if you could go directly to that would be appreciated!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Today I'm linking up with Marionberry Style for her Yellow Link-Up Challenge!  And because I like to kill two birds with one stone (figuratively, not literally of course) I am also wearing pink (yellow + pink =  perfection) for my OWN Link-Up Challenge!  Keep reading for details ...

Yellow Top: H/M (Option) | Gold/Pink Necklace: H/M (cute)
Jewelry: H/M | Gold Flats: Target (Option) | Sunglasses: H/M

I have an H/M obsession apparently.

 If there's one thing I love . . . it's pink.  I do, I'm a girly girl when it comes to pink.  So my link-up challenge (which you can enter below) is all about . . . PINK!
Photo c/o

So if you want to link up all you have to do is have something pink on.  Pink hair, pink nails, pink underwear (we trust you - you don't need to show us), top, skirt, shoes - you name it, as long as it's pink I don't care!  Light pink, hot pink - there's no limitations to this link-off other than any and everything pink.  So away we go!

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What color inspires you?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Confession: I'm Cheating

Top Outfit: Blazer, BRepublic | Dress, NY&Co. | Belt, F21 | Pumps,
Bottom: Blazer, Target (Thrifted) | Shirt Dress, Old Navy | Necklace, JCrew (Thrifted) | 
Flats, JLo (Kohls)

Yup, I'm cheating.  I don't have a new outfit for you today; I'm posting outfit leftovers that didn't make the cut in other weeks because, well, I've been a bad girl. I'm sorry I have been MIA since Friday but who can blame me - a fabulous weekend out on the boat, with the family, shopping for a new car, going out to dinner to celebrate my promotion....

Yup you read that right - I got promoted!!

Friday I officially accepted my new title and position and was happy to do so!  As such I have been slacking on the posts and I'm sorry; I promise to be back in full swing tomorrow.  Blogger friends, I'm curious though - do you ever have on super cute outfits and either just don't have the opportunity to take a picture, the time, or you forget altogether?  Saturday night's dinner-date outfit was a winner I'll tell ya - and I of course didn't capture any of it!  I guess that just means I'll have to wear it again soon... (and after the reviews the Mr. gave me on it, I definitely will be!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for the PINK LINK-UP CHALLENGE!  Hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!